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dE ROSAIRO Woman: A Man's Perspective

dE ROSAIRO Woman: A Man's Perspective

Full Name: Egon Barbosa
City and Country: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Title: Emerging Businesses Director
Company: The Coca-Cola Company

What about your career makes you feel proud?
I’ve built my career based on curiosity. My way of thinking is totally random and I have always felt that I have had a different profile compared to the expected executive profile. Having shaped my own way, based on sailing the environment, exploring different possibilities, and fighting against patterns, I can now see a connection in myself from the past to the same mental model of the millenial’s who are changing the world. So this makes me proud. It makes me proud because of the way I chose to cross over to my career destination, and because of the opportunity to reshape the future, which is the reason why I still wake up every morning proudly dreaming.

What inspired you to be doing what you are in your career?
My career was itself “the diversity”. I studied electrical engineer, then advertising and social communications. I’ve been a musician, actor, tv show presenter, and journalist before I fell in love with marketing & innovation. I’ve even founded my own marketing strategy consulting firm and interacted with lots of different customer profiles. So I’ve learned a lot on how diversity always builds better results (and sometimes even when you disagree with the final solution!). This wisdom on diversity is something that everyone should take with them throughout their life. For me, what I experienced in my life was no different in my career. So I used that experience to build winning teams and stronger networks.

As a male, what are some of the challenges you face in the workforce?
The main challenge for me is how to provide attention to detail, as it matters, how to view things from a different perspective, and how to use my male energy to be soft when it is needed.

How important is it to you that we recognize and grow women leaders as a society, and why?
This is a subject that I used to say was an old fashioned matter (or that it should already be). Maybe this is only in my positive mind, because companies and societies are still working on this issue. For me personally, I would like to see us evolve past celebrating “woman’s day” or sharing quotes on women in leadership positions; we should evolve past this if the only reason we are celebrating such days and sharing these quotes is simply because women are not recognized enough. Women should exist, as men exist, and they should have equal opportunities and rights, just as men do. And as such we should be celebrating “leadership day” for both men and women. The fact that this discussion still persists makes me sad about humanity, because I do not think that gender should ever define someone’s capacity. What should define someone’s capacity is education and personal development. I believe we need to leverage the intelligence that exists in women. Also just as importantly, and to my discontent, we need to continue to educate the world to be better prepared to leverage the best potential everyone has, no matter what gender they may be.

What advice do you have for leaders on the topic of diversity, both men and women alike?
It’s not advice, it is a warning! Open your eyes to diversity. The best ideas are the collective ones. The best innovation is not a brilliant idea that a lonely genius has. If not by beliefs or by personal values, the understanding of the market dynamics should be enough to imagine diversity balancing the leadership in the world. The market is diverse. The consumer is becoming more specific with time, and similarly the stimuli the consumer receives that reshapes demand is even more diverse every day. Everyone should learn to bring ideas to life and to lead with diversity.

Favorite quote and by whom?
“Whatever you think, think the opposite” | Paul Arden

How does what you wear make you feel?
I like to wear what makes me feel comfortable and special at the same time. Confidence is translated on to one’s self image. So, what brings me indulgence beyond food and drinks, I love!

What everyday luxuries do you enjoy?
Gourmet food at fine restaurants and time to be with family and friends (the latter of which is rare nowadays and it’s a luxury, definitely).

What is your favorite dE ROSAIRO design?
Selene tee: because it is chic and basic at the same time. I love the sophistication by simplicity. I love black.

What social media links can we find you on?

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