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It’s December 23rd and I’m finally at home in San Francisco reflecting on the year that is soon coming to an end. I’m grateful for so much: the opportunity to take up more than a few hangers in the wardrobes of power women around the world, and the honor and privilege that these amazing women actually feel good wearing my designs.

This year has also been a significant year for me as a creative business woman. I made a few decisions about the direction of dE ROSAIRO that I’d like to share with you.

First, locally made has always been a top priority for me because it means ethical work standards and supporting the dreams of hard working local women. But who says we can’t employ ethical practices in foreign markets and still support women in a socially impactful way? Our inroads into Brazil have proven that in fact both of these are possible. And so we are now in the midst of a journey to create our first collection of intricate designer clutches from recycled magazine paper made by women who are trained and employed directly from the favelas (i.e. the slums) of Rio de Janeiro. The income they are able to earn goes a long way in supporting their families and I’m so happy that we can play a small role in contributing to these women’s dreams as well. (Collection coming soon!)

Second, coming from a tech background growth always meant faster, bigger, and better. But as I reflect on my values and mission, this mantra could not be further from the truth for dE ROSAIRO. I remember when I launched the brand, I wanted to be in every big department store, but I slowly realized that something about being available to the masses, or ‘almost masses’, didn’t excite me or our customer. In this past year, the direction for the brand could not be clearer – we aspire to continue to be the everyday luxury boutique brand that has a personal connection to every woman who selects to be enveloped by our designs.

With that, I’d like to wish you a grand close to 2017 and remarkable start to 2018. May 2018 be the year that all your dreams and inspirations take flight. Fight for what you believe in with kindness, expend your energy like it is your last to give, and keep the passion in your soul alive by doing one thing you’ve never done before.

With love,

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